My Simple Dreams

To move towards your dreams, you need to actually put them out into the world.  You must speak them out & write them down.  If you keep your dreams in your head they are in danger of staying there forever.

Here is my dream in a few short points:

  • Marry the girl of my dreams [Married her in 2016!]
  • Build a Tiny House [Almost done..]
  • Grow an amazing food garden with Aquaponics [Soon!]
  • Have a Maine Coone Cat [Check!]
  • Pay off my college debt [Check!]
  • Write my own books [Getting there..]
  • Become a father [Oneday..]
  • Homeschool Our Kids [Oneday..]
  • Road-school our Kids [Oneday..]
  • Create Homeschool Learning Materials [Soon..]
  • Pay off our House [Getting there..]
  • Travel the USA in a small Camper [Oneday]
  • Have a full-time career gardening, writing, speaking…
  • …& homeschooling, RV traveling, & consulting [Soon!]
  • Become a blacksmith [Working on it..]
  • Build up a travel column online [Working on it..]
  • Visit all 50 States in USA [Using the tiny camper!]
  • Visit all 196 Countries [Oneday..]
  • Promote Organic Gardening [And grow my own food!]
  • Make Tiny-House Living more Accessible [Zoning is tricky..]
  • Be 100% debt-free & free to chase any projects [Almost..]
  • Work for an incredible software company [Check!]

That is a bullet point list of many of my dream points.  Some folks love bullet point lists with a passion:  I am one of them.  Now, let me describe to you a day with all of these dreams bundled into it.  This is a story, rather than a bullet point list:

My Dreams in a Day:

It’s a cool fall morning.  The moon is out and I am awake by 5am.  Slipping on my sneakers, I tip-toe out of the house so as not to wake my lovely wife or little ones.  With the moon sifting through the pines it’s time to run.  Running through the frosted black pine trees until the sun begins to rise.  After the run, I head back to our little house.  Eggs from our hen-house and fruit from our summer garden are breakfast.  I sit down to create today’s routine for homeschooling:

  1. Study mycelium & its benefits in the garden
  2. Read C.S. Lewis out loud for Bible Study
  3. Study Charlotte Mason & Her Schools
  4. Sketch pumpkins for our nature study
  5. Lay out our floor timeline to study the English Monarchs
  6. Write a narrative about John Muir’s travels as a Botanist
  7. Plan our trip to Polyface farm for next month
  8. Have math class involve the angles for a new chicken coop & estimating the costs of materials
  9. Find a park for trash pickup as community service
  10. To close the day, we use the CNC machine for workshop and create wooden pieces for the new chicken coop

After creating the routine for our homeschool day, I plan the details with Ruth while cooking up breakfast for the little ones.  We take turns working with the children during the day.  We also operate our home business while taking turns.  Somedays Ruth handles all of the instruction so I can work, and vice versa on other days.  We are all here, together.  Our house is paid for, we earn enough working our home business to stay home and teach.  We build, garden, learn, eat, pray, and dream together.

My dream is to have the time, resources and ability to teach my children from home, work alongside my wife, plant lovely things, tend our gardens, serve our community, and make this world a bit brighter.

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